Redirecting requests to

Requests to are now fowarded to with a HTTP 301 redirect. Make sure to update your code, to point to the new domain. Check this changelog or the Github Repository for updates regarding end-of-life of this redirect.


Use the URL for all API calls in new and existing projects.


  • Fixing timeout error when requesting large geojson datasets. #12


Release of

The API at is now live. This means:

We therefore strongly recommend to use the new URL for new applications and update existing ones. Your requests should not require any further changes since the endpoints are otherwise the same.

Updated dataset API documentation

The user documentation has been overhauled. The source code for the documentation is available at


  • Features

    • Adding snowgrid_cl-v2-1d-1km dataset

    • Adding spartacus-v2-1d-1km dataset

    • Adding spartacus-v2-1m-1km dataset

    • Adding spartacus-v2-1q-1km dataset

    • Adding spartacus-v2-1y-1km dataset

    • Adding winfore-v2-1d-1km dataset


  • Breaking

    • Removed lat and lon parameters in favor of lat_lon.

    • All timestamps returned from the API are changed from second to minute resolution, i.e. YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm+hh:mm. This may break parsers that rely on second resolution.

  • Features

    • Adding histalp-v1-1y endpoint.

  • Enhancements

    • Introducing lat_lon parameter for type timeseries.

    • Multiple coordinate pairs can be requested from timeseries data using the lat_lon parameters.

    • Introducing bboxOuter metadata for grid type data. bboxOuter defines the bbox parameter values limits.

  • Fixes

    • Fixing error when requesting data from more than one station with a station having no data for the requested time.

    • Fixing missing time steps when requesting data from more than one station all not having any data for this time period.

    • Updated outdated station metadata.

    • Fixed no timezone in CSV files.


  • API first release.