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Listing Datasets

All available dataset endpoints are listed in https://dataset.api.hub.geosphere.at/v1/datasets.

Dataset Endpoint Structure.

An dataset endpoint consists of five parts:

  • a host

  • a version

  • a type

  • a mode

  • and a resource_id

and are put together like this




is https://dataset.api.hub.geosphere.at


is v1


is either grid, timeseries or station, see Types


is either historical, current, or forecast, see Modes


is one of the resources listed in Resources.


The host https://dataset.api.hub.zamg.ac.at is deprecated.


The resource determines the available types and mode.

For example weather stations will always have the station type.


Some API parameters are mode and type specific.


All dataset endpoints have metadata which can be requested by appending /metadata to the dataset endpoint.

Metadata contain amongst other helpful information about the request parameters like the range of allowed values.