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Generally there are two types of data: geospatial raster and station data.


Raster data requested by supplying a bounding box.


A special type of raster data. Instead of a supplying a bounding box an EPSG:4326 coordinate pair is supplied. The nearest neighboring grid point from raster data is returned.


This type provides measurements from weather stations.

type specific parameters


if type is grid

The bounding box needs to be within the limits of bbox_outer. Coordinates are EPSG:4326 encoded. The bounding box is supplied in the format south,west,north,east, compare the bbox parameter in the OpenAPI documentation


if type is timeseries

Latitude and longitude coordinate pair to be queried. Coordinates are EPSG:4326 encoded. More than coordinate pair can be provided.

Example: lat_lon=48,12&lat_lon=48.5,11.3


if type is station

One or more weather station ids. There are two supported formats:

  • passing as comma-separated string: ?station_ids=1,2,3

  • passing as multiple query parameters: ?station_ids=1&station_ids=2&station_ids=3